Clear sunshine, cool evenings, astonishing Dark Skies and wide open national parks. It's time for an escape to the desert. Secret solace means an earlier morning cup from the Jetboil or pushing yourself a little further down the trail than the rest. It means staying up for the sunset and the show that doesn't start until after. Though most national park visitors come during the hotter summer and autumn, savvy travelers can escape crowds and find a little solace in the great outdoors of The Mighty 5®. Hike a little earlier, a little further, or delay the escape to the latter weeks of autumn. You may awaken to cooler mornings that give way to warm afternoons, and after dark, the streak of the Milky Way across the sky is so bright it seems you could walk it like a trail. Nowhere else in the world but in Utah does "desert escape" mean five stunning national parks within close proximity to one another.